iBam Landmark: Amplify Your Music.

By : Ground Up Initiative

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Why Help Grow the iBam Story

Our regional team has been crafting beautiful natural masterpieces since 2012.

{1} Tay Lai Hock, Kampung Chief and Founder of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) (Singapore)

{2} M. Ibnur Rashad, Kampung Scientist at GUI and Co-Inventor of iBam (Singapore)

{3} Anna Tsang, Social Entrepreneur and Fashion Coordinator (Singapore | Cambodia)

{4} Ira Herawaty, Woman Entrepreneur and Artisan Coordinator (Indonesia)

{5} Esmon Omar, Artisan Developer and Design Coordinator (Singapore | Indonesia)

With the iBam Landmark, you can now listen to your favourite music..

{1} ..a little LOUDER
If you want to amplify your favourite music playlists from your mobile phone and add a natural timbre to your music, simply slide your phone in with your phone speaker facing towards the backwall of the iBam. For best optimal performance, increase the music volume of your phone to the maximum.

{2} ..a little GREENER
Inspired by the bamboo in Nature, the iBam was designed to be tough, resilient and minimalist, while taking care of the environment within the ecosystem. The bamboos have been harvested in a sustainable manner for many generations, and bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing grass plant. And, our acoustic engineers discovered that the bamboo has a natural resonance to amplify music. So, out goes any need for electricity.

{3} ..a little HAPPIER
If you're in the happier party mood, simply slide in your smartphone and share your music with your friends around you. With each iBam you get, you're essentially sharing your love and karma with the artisans, stay-at-home mothers and the Kampung community. With your lifestyle in harmony with Nature and Community, you will feel more joyful that you have contributed to the healthy growth of a more sustainable Earth.

 Well, our designers decided to get rid of all electronics from the speaker. The best thing of all you gain power independence and you now have the freedom to enjoy your music almost anywhere, in the great outdoors or even at home, without any hassle of recharging.


 Ever since the first iBam was launched on Facebook by Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) in November 2011, it went viral and proceeds from iBam sales have helped build up the 21st Century Kampung. Designed with the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), iBam 2 is 'half the size, double the sound' and has also helped build SL2 into Singapore's first and leading community-driven makerspace. Designed with craftsmen and designers in Indonesia, iBam Landmark funds the development of GUI into its next historic phase of land development.

Help build Singapore's first village campus to nurture grounded community leaders and social entrepreneurs.


Design & Craftsmanship

iBam Landmark is made with a degree of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted Stradivarius violin - not a speaker.

We learn a great deal from listening carefully. In order to create a speaker that amplifies the sound of music from your phone, we had to design the speaker in a completely new way.

To make sure everything from the iBam Landmark sounds crystal clear, our team of engineers focused on the natural resonance of the bamboo and the signature slit design - amplifying every note of your music. It's technology that's breakthrough.

As a gift to commemorate Singapore's 49th birthday, our team of artisans and designers in Singapore and Indonesia dedicated time and effort to design and engrave the timeless Singapore Skyline on a rounded piece of bamboo with a natural golden smooth surface finishing.

iBam Landmark is crafted individually by the hands of artisans and seamstresses for your smartphone, be it an iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC, Xiaomi, BlackBerry or any phone with speaker for that matter.

In essence, it's half the size, double the sound. Truly a landmark in sustainable speaker design and regional craftsmanship.



Apr 2008: Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) was born at Lim Chu Kang

Apr 2009: GUI shifted to Bottle Tree Park (Yishun) to build the Sustainable Living Kampung from scratch with the power of community

Nov 2011: First iBam version appeared on GUI Facebook page and it went viral around the world

Mar 2012: iBam was first mentioned on the global stage at TEDxBled at Slovenia, as part of Challenge:Future Youth Conference

May 2012: iBam 2 was co-designed with Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) and first 100 pieces crafted in-house until orders went beyond our capacity

Oct 2012: Establish partnership with Indonesian craftsmen and bamboo suppliers to help craft large volumes of order

2013: iBam 2 orders went global to as far as United States, Europe, Korea, Japan and many other geographical locations

9 Aug 2014: Launch of iBam Landmark on Singapore's National Day

25 Dec 2014: Expected latest date to receive iBam Landmark in time for Christmas Day



{1} Which phones and devices does the iBam Landmark work with?

We've designed the iBam Landmark to work with all smartphones ranging from the Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note to Sony Xperia, as well as gadgets like the iPod Touch. If your device has an in-built speaker, the iBam shall be your music companion.

{2} Do I have to connect the iBam to any power source?

We've gotten rid off all electronics from the iBam so that you're spared the hassle to buy batteries, charge your speaker or connect it to an electrical outlet. We've crafted, sculpted and carved each iBam from a single piece of bamboo. No plugs, cable or electricity needed.

{3} No electronics? So how do I adjust the volume?

Since there are no electronics, you simply need to adjust the volume control on your phone or device. For best optimal performance, increase the volume to maximum and face your phone speaker towards the backwall of the iBam.

{4} Will my iBam Landmark look exactly like the picture?

Each iBam is unique and may have natural blemishes which enhance its character. Like a Stradivarius violin, our engineers carefully crafter your iBam into its patented signature design. Your iBam started off naturally black and it gets refined by our craftsmen into a natural golden tone from its original source without any dye coating. While each iBam have similar geometrical dimensions and undergoes the same crafting process, as it is a product from the Earth, variations in texture, colour and hue enhances its natural beauty.

{5} Can I connect my phone charger while it sits in my iBam?

Yes, you can. We've designed the iBam to have space for a charging cable while maintaining its sleek and elegant signature design.

{6} Will I be able to leave the case on my phone when using the iBam?

We can design each iBam to fit even the thickest of phone cases. As we're making a limited edition of 49 iBam Landmark pieces, we'll be able to craft your iBam to fit your specific case.

{7} Are the iBams really crafted by hand in Indonesia and packaged in Singapore?

Yes, they are not mass-produced in any factory. Each iBam Landmark is crafted in Indonesia, from growing of the bamboo to carving to engraving. Each iBam comes with a beautifully elegant pouch sewn by stay-at-home mothers in Singapore. All done to support local maker and artisan communities.

{8} What does a "compact bamboo speaker" mean?

The iBam Landmark is not a substitute for an electric speaker. It is merely a greener and simpler alternative. The geometric dimension helps amplify and direct the music from your phone. It is compact enough to fit in your bagpack or to be carried around in a pouch. It might not be loud enough for a grand party, but for a few friends around a table, for your family at a beach picnic or for a dinner date, it's the perfect product.

{9} Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. International shipping fees apply. Please select the correct reward type for 'Global Orders'.

{10} Could I get special offers if I order in bulk?

Yes, we offer special rewards when you order 5 or more. It includes special logo or message engraving to make it unique to yourself or your organisation. To find out more, please feel free to email us at ibnur@groundupinitiative.org

{11} What if my iBam Landmark arrives damaged?

In any case your iBam arrives broken due to mishandling during shipping, take a photo, inform us immediately and we'll replace it at no additional cost. We're committed to getting you the iBam Landmark as you would love it to be.

Team Profile

Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) is a volunteer-driven non-profit community that values connecting with the land for the many things it teaches us. Since April 2009, GUI has been building up the 21st Century Kampung at Bottle Tree Park in Yishun, Singapore. The Kampung encourages projects that cultivate environmental awareness, hands-on culture, leadership, personal responsibility and teamwork. Doing things together has nurtured a community that cares about humanity and the Earth. A 21st Century Kampung to forge A Beautiful Connection with the Earth & Community through Farming Your Heart: info@groundupinitiative.org

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