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Overall Summary

Ambi Climate is a simple system that automatically sets your AC to the perfect temperature, provides insights on your AC usage for energy savings and enables smartphone AC control.


Bring Your Air Conditioner into the 21st Century

"I'm sick of adjusting my AC temperature every 30 minutes!"

"Crazy, unpredictable weather makes it hard to really control the air con based on my needs."

"I hate waking up at night to turn off my aircon."

"Air conditioning is always too hot or not cold enough. It's never the perfect temperature."

Sound familiar? With the technology around us, there is no reason for our air conditioner to inconvenience our sleep or our comfort. Ambi Climate reinvents the AC remote so that your air conditioner listens to how YOU feel, not a set of AC commands.

Imagine if your AC could:

  • set the perfect temperature, based off your AC preferences?
  • adjust itself to changing weather conditions?
  • maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep?
  • be controlled and monitored through your smartphone?
  • show you how to save money on your next energy bill?

Meet Ambi Climate

Comfort is a complex feeling, not a fixed temperature or an AC setting. Traditional AC remotes can listen to what you want, but it's a one-way interaction: they have no memory or understanding of how you feel and they can't adjust the AC to compensate for changing conditions like weather, activity or occupancy.

Ambi Climate responds to how you feel and what is going on in your home environment. Our system considers the characteristics of your home, the local weather, your individual AC preferences and your AC model to make your AC just right. Ambi Climate simplifies your comfort by understanding what comfort actually feels like to you.

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What People Are Saying:

"Essentially, Ambi is going to help you come up with many life hacks for the home – and that to us is worth backing."

"...use machine learning to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while reducing energy consumption."

"Currently leading the pack...Hong Kong-based Ambi Climate is a standalone device that is able to control any air conditioner with a remote control and automatically adjust the right indoor temperature."

"空調の快適性を自動的に維持する事のできないエアコンに関する一般的な悩みを、Ambi Climate(アンビクライメート)が解決します。"

"controls the air conditioner to increase your comfort by lowering temperature fluctuations."

"a standalone device that is able to control any air conditioner and automatically adjusts to the perfect indoor temperature" 

"Not too hot, not too cold, get the perfect room temperature and conserve energy usage."

"... incorporates a learning algorithm that results in the preferred climate for you" 



Ambi Climate, Inside and Out

The Ambi Climate system takes a holistic approach to delivering indoor comfort, where your feedback actually affects how your AC sets itself.

With your old AC remote, comfort may have meant 25C, low fan at times, and 22C, high fan at others. With Ambi Climate, your AC responds to more than factual data. Ambi Climate hears what you want and looks for patterns to understand why you want those settings. Then it intelligently chooses the best AC settings to maintain your ideal comfort.

Here's how the system works:

Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate has an array of sensors that enable it to pick up the nuances of you and your home. They collect raw data on your environment's temperature, sunlight, humidity, activity levels and your location within your home. Then it adjusts your AC settings accordingly.

Ambi Climate is also wifi-enabled to connect with your home network and contains two infrared receivers and five powerful infrared emitters to talk with your AC and whip it into shape.

Ambi Climate companion app

Traditional remotes have you communicate your AC preferences using temperature, fan, mode and swing. Ambi Climate brings you into the loop by allowing you to input what feels most comfortable to you.

Ambi Climate also shows what's going on in your AC. Use the app to view your AC usage over time and gain a better understanding of how you can improve your energy consumption.

Have more than one AC? For greater energy savings and awareness, monitor all the ACs in your home through a single, consistent interface. Control your AC remotely so you never have to worry about pets or other loved ones at home.


Ambi Climate Intelligence

Ambi Climate's intelligence is what allows our system to fine tune your AC settings to the characteristics of you and your home environment, such as your partner's preference for warmer temperatures in the morning or an east facing room that receives a lot of sunlight during the day.

Unlike your traditional remote, IR blasters or universal remotes, Ambi Climate balances the sensor data it collects on your home environment with the inputs you enter with the app to set your AC more accurately and build a user profile based on how you and your home heat up and cool down.

With this profile, it can improve on the indoor comfort it delivers to you and your home. Hosting a dinner party? Weathering a rain storm? Ambi Climate adjusts to your lifestyle to maintain indoor comfort in your home. Over-cooling, toggling between temperatures every 30 minutes and waking up cold are a thing of the past. 


How does Ambi Climate work?

Ambi Climate is a standalone plug and play system that uses infrared, sensors and artificial intelligence to get your AC comfort just right. Ambi Climate requires absolutely no hardware or installation and can work with any infrared controlled AC unit.

To use Ambi Climate, simply plug it in, connect it to your wifi network and download the app.

Punching a few commands into your AC remote lets Ambi Climate know what make and model AC you have.

The companion app allows you to tell Ambi Climate your AC preferences. Is it too hot? Too cool? Too humid? Over time, Ambi Climate will learn your AC preferences and implement them automatically.

View your AC usage over time to get a better understanding of your usage habits. Save money with energy-saving tips that let you know when it's suitable to open the window or draw the shades.

Don't see your AC brand on this list?  Request to have it supported here!

Ambi Climate's Backer Rewards

Be part of our vision to reinvent the AC remote. Ready to get your hands on Ambi Climate? Pre-order your Ambi Climate today and get a beta device before summer is up or order a production unit and be Ambi Climate ready for next summer.

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Our Team:

  • Business: Julian
  • Hardware: Paul, Jack
  • Backend: Tim, Gary
  • Mobile: Kannan
  • Machine Learning: Mathis
  • Marketing: Liz, Miranda
  • Graphic Design: Kelvin
  • Operations & Admin: Winnie


Product Details

How much will Ambi Climate cost in retail?

Our final retail price will be USD$150 per unit.

Can I buy multiple units of the same reward?

Yes! Just increase your pledge and email us at to let us know what you want. For example, if you want 3 Ambi Climate beta units, increase your pledge to SGD109x3 + shipping and send us an email to let us know. We will send you an email confirmation within 48 hours.

Is the Ambi Climate smartphone app free?

Yes! The app will be free to download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Apps Marketplace. It will support iOS 7 and Android 4.0 or later versions.

How big is Ambi Climate?

Ambi Climate is 103mm wide, 52mm deep, and 88mm high. It is approximately the size of a man's wallet.

How much will it cost to ship to my country?

Add SGD25 for shipping within Asia and SGD35 for shipping to other countries. If you are using Paypal, payments will automatically convert to your country’s currency.  

What comes in the box?

When you order an Ambi Climate, you will receive the Ambi Climate device, a 1 meter USB cable, and a certified universal (AU/EU/UK/US) power adapter.

Will Ambi Climate Work with My AC?

How do I know if my AC’s brand is compatible with Ambi Climate?

You can find a list of currently supported brands here along with other brands that have been suggested. We are in the process of building up our database, and plan to support all the major leading AC brands. For this reason, we appreciate any feedback you may have on what brands we should support.

If you don’t see your brand on the list above, please fill out this form and it will be added to our list of suggested brands. Thank you!

Is Ambi Climate compatible with window, standing, portable, or central ACs?

Yes, provided your AC unit has an infra-red remote.

How it Works

How do you control / configure Ambi Climate? How does Ambi Climate interface with my AC?

Ambi Climate works through a smartphone app; it is very easy to setup, and requires no more than a few minutes. The Ambi Climate device talks to your AC via infra-red, using the same commands as your current AC remote.

Can one Ambi Climate control multiple ACs / rooms?

As each room is a separate thermal environment, one Ambi Climate unit is needed per room so that it can learn the characteristics of each room.  If there are multiple ACs of the same brand and model in one room, Ambi Climate will control both of them. However, if there are multiple ACs of different brands in one room, the Ambi Climate device can control one of them, but not all of them at the same time. This works much in the same way as AC remote controls.

Can multiple users control one Ambi Climate device?

Yes! You can optimise everyone’s comfort!  The Ambi Climate app allows multiple users to connect to one device, and stores each person’s profile independently.  Ambi Climate will automatically choose the best compromise between preferences of different users, so you no longer need to fight for the remote control!

How does Ambi Climate know when to adjust the air conditioner settings?

Ambi Climate has several sensors that take frequent periodic readings on the surrounding environment. Data is fed into our algorithms that analyze your climate preferences and how to adjust your air conditioner to meet those conditions. The more you use Ambi Climate, the better it will be at implementing your preferred settings.

Home Automation

Why don't you control other infrared devices (i.e. TV, audio equipment, etc.)?

Most home automation systems try to integrate solutions from multiple domains e.g. lighting, HVAC, security, etc. These systems - whether a universal remote or a full blown home automation system - have suffered from limited interest amongst end users, despite being around for many years.  

At Ambi Labs, we believe that the reason for the limited uptake is poor usability - when a system is designed to do everything under the sun, it is hard to optimize it to do any one thing well. For this reason, Ambi Climate is solely focused on heating and cooling to ensure the system is intuitive in helping the user make better decisions while improving comfort. While we hope to develop other complementary products in the future, our current product, Ambi Climate, is focused only on remote controlled ACs.

How is Ambi Climate different from existing home automation technology (i.e. Control4, ZigBee, etc.)?

There are many competing wireless standards right now, but no clear winner:  Zigbee is dominant in the HEMS (home energy management systems) space, while Z-wave is dominant in managed home systems in the US (e.g. Vivint, AT&T, etc).  In comparison, KNX-RF is more dominant in Europe.

We are platform agnostic, and believe that the wireless standard winner will become clear in the next few years. For now, we use Wi-Fi, which is the most common wireless standard today, used by 25% of ALL households, and up to 80% of HH in some countries (Korea).

What services is Ambi compatible with (i.e., etc.)?

At present, we are a fully standalone platform, since that allows us to build a custom interface for the best user experience. In the future, we may consider integrating with other companies, e.g. IFTTT, or via an API.  We also have an in-house API, and are exploring ways to open this up to 3rd party developers.  Please sign up on this form for more information!

PayPal Disclaimer: Delivery of rewards/perks are subject to best efforts and not guaranteed.

Team Profile

Ambi Labs is a HK startup that is changing how Asian consumers interact with household appliances. Most smart home startups target US/EU markets and western lifestyles. We apply the latest technology to the Asian household, customised for the habits and preferences of the Asian consumer.
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